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Dammit, SuperSaiyanCrash, you art is giving me ideas!

Road to Pirate: A One Piece Twist on Road to Ninja, a Naruto Shippuden movie

Story: After a fight with a pirate crew, Robin has been knocked into a deep coma. But what the others don't know is that the guy who knocked her out used a devil fruit.

That brings her to a illusion world that's wacked up!

In this world, Robin's mother and giant friend never died, along with Ohara, being that the residents were respected marines. So now, Robin is one herself, with the rest of the crew too and marines now practically rule the seas!

Robin doesn't know what to do, but when the guy who sent her here appears with a more powerful and pirate CP9, she has to make a choice: her family... Or her dream.

Other world cast:

Luffy: Met Akainu instead of Shanks, which convinced him to become a marine instead, with a marine cap in place of the straw hat. He's a lot more serious than his other counterpart, and now a golden boy.

Zoro: Kuina never died and is an officer with him. They bicker a lot, but are training under Mihawk to one day beat him. Zoro is a lot more peppy, but still has a lost sense of direction.

Usopp: Bachina never died and Yasopp was a member of the marines. Usopp is now very brave and not a liar, but can be impulsive.

Nami: Never lost Bellemare and grew up following her mothrer's footsteps. Is now actually very generous, but still short tempered.

Sanji: Zeff was a former marine chef. Is still a lady wanter, but gets along with Zoro.

Chopper: Dr. Hirluk was a respected marine who never passed away. Still retains personality, but now takes compliments the right way.

Franky: Never lost Tom, who is now a legendary marine, and is still human with instead a robotic suit. Still says super, but flirts with Robin a lot.

Brook: Was part of a marine crew in his younger days. He plays a marine song instead, and is now a serious guy instead of a pervert.


MagicDetective's Profile Picture
Kaitlynn Ponceca
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
40.5 Fanbook style, like Amy!

Name: Magic Detective
Birthday (Zodiac Sign): July 4 (Cancer)
Interests: music, fan fiction, reading, anything related to Japanese culture
Hobbies: reading, writing, video games, listening to music
Family: brother, father, mother
Favorite Subject: Mathematics, Language Arts
Worst Subject: Gym
Favorite Book: Detective Conan series, Prince of Tennis series (manga)
Favorite Color: Red, Violet, Pink, Sky Blue
Favorite Music: anime songs, TeniMyu songs, J-pop songs

Favourite genre of music: J-Pop
Favourite style of art: drawings and fictions
Favourite cartoon character: Does Genichiro Sanada count? XD
Personal Quote: "In a game, you don't come there to win, you come to play."

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